Friday, August 22, 2008

Francis Bacon

page 136: Francis Bacon ..left Trinity college with a strong dislike of its texts and methods and a confirmed hostility to the cult of Aristotle and a resolve to set philosophy into a more fertile path, to turn it from scholastic disputation to the illumination and increase of human good. page 140--His elevation seemed to realize Plato's dreams of a philosopher-king. page 141 quotes Bacon: "Crafty men condemn studies, simple men admire them, and wise men use them....." page 145 Durant says of Bacon --" He does not admire the merely contemplative life; like Goethe he scorns knowledge that does not lead to action." page 141--Bacon's finest literary work was The Essays page 157-- I interpret those pages that although Bacon wants proof, he doesn't want to discard anything even the untested supernatural. page 167 "Every one has a cave of his own which refracts and discolors the light of nature. page 169- our trouble are due to dogma and deduction; we find no new truth because we take some venerable but questionable proposition as an indubitable starting -point page 178--hypothesis, deduction, experiment page 182--his inductive method gave to Locke the idea of an empirical psychology bound by observation and freed from theology and metaphysics The Royal Society founded in 1662 named Bacon as their model and inspiration.

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