Thursday, August 19, 2010

Free speech

defamation and firstamendment

The above is a link to an article talking about Oprah's case when she was sued for defaming the cattle industry by saying she wasn't going to eat beef for a while on national TV.


The above is a link to an article talking about another ruling for someone that was sued for lying about his medals of valor.  It was ruled that he could NOT be prosecuted for lying.  The ruling involved the first amendment free speech clause.

I agreed with the Oprah ruling.  BUT I'm pondering IF it's because I like Oprah.  If it had been Rush Limbaugh or that O'Reilly guy, would I feel the same way?  If we are proponents of free speech then it has to be for the people we like as well as the people we don't like.  The rules have to work for everyone. 

BUT...I keep thinking that for the spirit of John Stuart Mill's ideas on free speech to work, the accurate information has to be easily accessible. 

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