Tuesday, May 10, 2011

June and July books

We have 8 for the June 5th meeting when we're discussing Pat Churchland's book Brain-Wise:Studies in Neurophilosophy.  As you know, we're limiting meetings to 8 people now. These are the 8 people that we have for June 5th: Susan, Earl, Joyce, Bill, Julie, Gary, Michael Fitzgerald, Nelline

John Ruskuski is hosting the July meeting and he tells me that he is a great cook. :-) That meeting will be Saturday July 16th. The book that we'll discuss is Becoming Animal by David Abram.  We also already have 8 people for that meeting.  If you're interested in either meeting, I can put you on the waiting list in case someone has to drop out.  We only have room for 8.

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