Monday, June 6, 2011

Next meeting is July 16th

Next meeting/dinner is July 16th and being held at John Ruskuski's home.

The book that we'll discuss is Becoming Animal by David Abram
We are limiting meetings to 8 people now.    Yes RSVP's for the July 16th meeting:
Susan,Earl,John Ruskuski,Joyce,Bill,Julie,Fred, and I think we have the 8th person...don't know his name yet.

The book for the dinner/meeting in August is From Stimulus to Science by W.V. Quine.  The August dinner/meeting will be at Earl's and my home.

We have eight (which is our limit): Susan, Earl, John Ruskuski, Michael F., Nelline, Julie, Harry, Sandy

Here is a description of Quine's book:
We may not discuss all the chapters since some of the chapters may be too technical ...unless (of course) we are graced with someone with a PhD in philosophy that understands the more technical meanderings of Quine.

If you have a book suggestion for September, please let me know.

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