Monday, February 27, 2012

Justice: What is the Right Thing to Do?

My book group is reading Michael Sandel's book 'Justice: What's the Right Thing to Do?'

Here are some quotes from the book with references to the Kindle location:

Page 7 ( loc 141) Much public support for price-gouging laws comes from something more visceral than welfare or freedom ... getting things they don't deserve. Outrage of this kind is anger at injustice

Page 8 (loc 161) It is also about virtue--about cultivating the attitudes and dispositions, the qualities of character, on which a good society depends ... is it dangerous to impose judgments about virtue through law?

Page 9 (loc 176) should law be neutral toward competing conceptions of virtue

Page 15 (loc 299) The American public's real objection to the bonuses--and the bailout--is not that they reward greed but that they rewarded failure

Page 19 (loc 359) To ask whether a society is just is to ask how it distributes things we prize--income and wealth, duties and rights, powers and opportunities, offices and honors.

to be continued
He is explaining Kant's categorical imperatives. To be a categorical imperative, it must meet three criteria:
1. Universal. In other words, I wouldn't object to someone else doing it to me
2. Humanity should not be treated merely as a means to an end
3.Treat people as rational beings worthy of respect

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