Saturday, October 27, 2012

Topic questions for meeting about free will

These questions are based on the two books mentioned. You do not need to read the books to come to the meeting.

1. How do you define determinism especially compared to fatalism?
2. What does free will even mean?
3. Under what circumstances would you NOT hold someone responsible?
4. Vohs and Schooler suggested that disbelief in free will produces a subtle cue that exerting effort is futile. They suggest that a belief in free will
be crucial for motivating people to control their impulses. Do you believe in free will?
5. Alone in a situation, does someone act the same as if in a group?
6. Let's talk about emotions and how they play a role in our own personal decision making process.
7. Incapacitation, retribution, or rehabilitation are the three choices society has for dealing with criminal behavior. Which do you prefer?
8. Is accountability what keeps us civilized?
9. .... social organization affects cognitive processes indirectly by focusing our attention ... Does that make you want to affect change in your society?

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