Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Philosophy of Sherlock Holmes

Posting quotes about the book that I want to discuss at the April meeting of the philosophy book club.
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Loc 284-- ... Holmes' hubris may actually be intellectual courage
Loc 297 ...epistemic humility is consistent with the intellectual courage it takes to risk being wrong in order to capture the truth

Loc 380 ...intuition was something which he seemed fond
Loc 381 ..realized that sometimes it's easier to know something than to explain the justification for it

Loc 537 ...privacy in personal affairs that do not threaten public safety

Loc 545 What Kant's moral philosophy fails to address are the practical questions of what a person of good will would or should do in cases where it is a question of how to respond to the immoral acts of others, and how to judge these responses. This criticism is somewhat off the mark, for Kant doesn't claim to be addressing these questions.
Loc 549 Kant leaves it to each of us to use our reason to discover the practical application of the moral law for ourselves. He is simply giving us a foundation ...
Loc 526 Is it ever right for a private citizen to go above the law

Loc 625- A law that can't be enforced is no better than no law at all

Loc 629 - ...Aristotle states a truly virtuous man would find his greatest pleasure in doing what is noble and would be pained to do otherwise

Loc 743 One of the jobs of the philosopher is to bring clarity and precision to the terms we use in everyday language

Loc 1104 We have seen that it is certainly not deduction, as so often maintained by Dr Watson or by Holmes himself. ... It is one form or another of inductive reasoning that Holmes deploys...

Loc 1047 enumerative induction and eliminative induction

I would like to discuss the difference between deduction, induction and abduction.
Definition of deduction: loc 956, loc 1035, loc 1107
Definition of induction: loc 243, loc 999, loc 1019, loc 1109
Definition of abduction: loc 245, loc 1058, loc 3136, loc 3138
Loc 956 Deduction is what philosophers call a truth-guaranteeing type of reasoning, meaning that IF the premises of a deductive argument are correct, then the conclusion must be inescapably true.
Loc 992 This is important because it introduces an element of probability (as opposed to certainty)
Loc 999 ...generalizing from a series of observations, what philosophers can induction.
Loc 1035 ..the premises of a deductive argument often are the result of preexisting induction, which means that even the truth preserving character of deduction is in fact built on shaky foundations.
Loc 1058 Consilience is often referred to as abduction, or inference to the best explanation
Loc 3170 The abductive portion of Holmes's deduction thus depends on induction.

Loc 1902- What mattered for Kant was that our actions be inspired by the right intentions ...

Loc 2498 Among the most desired job skills today are critical thinking, good communication skills, ethical decision making, the ability to work well in teams and global literacy

Loc 2507 Consider the three leading moral theories today: consequentialism, duty theory (aka deontological ethics) and virtue ethics.

Loc 2539 ..a broad knowledge base is important for civic literacy and the responsibilities of democratic citizenship

Loc 2923 Among these finer fruits, Thoreau thought are the pleasures of friendship, the pursuit of knowledge,personal growth, and communion with nature ...

Loc 3066 Logical analysis can help detect falsehoods, but moving toward truth takes creativity...

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