Thursday, July 4, 2013

A Free Will by Michael Frede

These are quotes from the book that I want to discuss.  The numbers are to the location on my Kindle.
According to the Kindle, there are 3212 locations and 178 pages in the book.  Hopefully you can use those references to convert the location number to the page number in your book.

163 Let us assume that it is a fact that, at least sometimes when we do something, we are responsible for what we are doing, as nothing or nobody forces us to act in this way; rather we ourselves desire or even choose or decide to act in this way

178 We should carefully distinguish between the belief in a free will and the ordinary belief that at least sometimes we are responsible for what we are doing.

228 As a matter of historical fact, it turns out that a notion of a will is not necessarily a notion of a will which is free.

270 The Christian God is a benevolent agent who provides for his slaves in such a way as to enable them to live a good life. [this sectin also talks about other types of slavery and tyrants]

420 ...presumed fact that people sometimes, in cases of conflict, do act, against their better knowledge, on their nonrational desire.

443 Aristotle's is a long story about how in the past one has failed to submit oneself to the training, practice, exercise, discipline, and reflection ... One acts either on a rational desire, a willing, or on a nonrational desire, an appetite.

450 The distinction Aristotle is aiming at is the distinction between things we do for which we can be held rsponsible and things we do for which we cannot be held responsible

528 Aristotle thinks rather optimistically that the ability to make the right choices comes with human nature and a good upbringing

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